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Cooling Source invested in the most advanced four-axis equipment. For this reason, we take full advantage of our CNC machining, allowing us to support your high level of part complexity and surface finish requirements.


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tube bending

Tube Bending

Tube Bending

Cooling Source work is a metal-free shaping procedure that permanently shapes a tube to your specifications. CSI also employs straight tube stock to make liquid cold plates. Furthermore, the wall thickness, tools, and lubricants required by the pipe and tube bender to optimally form the material are all considerations in the bending process.

Capabilities for Cooling SourceTube Bending:

Copper pipe tube bending in-house for liquid cold plates.
The CSI team can create copper, stainless steel, and aluminum tubes to your specifications.
Capabilities for single and multiple bends
Low minimal
Turnaround time is short.
0.005 tolerance
Quality Assurance
Cooling Source will undoubtedly meet or exceed all Customers’ and related requirements.

requirements. We will try to surpass consumer expectations. Therefore, we will continuously engage and challenge our outstanding employees to enhance each process and system.
Top management is responsible for enforcing the quality policy:

Is it appropriate for the CSI mission
Consists of a commitment to meet criteria and continuously improve the efficacy of the quality management system.
Establishes and reviews quality targets within a framework.
Within the company, there is clear communication.
We constantly assess appropriateness.

Engineering Assistance

To summarize

Our engineers use advanced 3D modeling as part of their design work. In addition, to optimize your heat transfer project, we use cutting-edge CFD tools. Furthermore, we offer our customers a complete cooling solution to satisfy their individual needs in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Engineering Support

You may also rely on our Mechanical Engineers to help with design changes and reduce manufacturing costs.


Our fully equipped lab is accessible to validate, test, and inspect your ideas.

The CSI team can assist you in meeting tight deadlines while allowing you to focus on your company’s core skills.

In addition, we are ready to assist you from concept to production wherever in the world.

Naturally, we maintain secure facilities, traceability, and document control.

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tube bending
tube bending

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