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Cooling Source invested in the most advanced four-axis equipment. For this reason, we take full advantage of our CNC machining, allowing us to support your high level of part complexity and surface finish requirements.


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CNC prototyping

Prototyping Capabilities

Cooling Source Prototyping Capabilities manufactures prototypes per print on time for various industries, including automotive, medical device, aerospace, consumer, and commercial products. Essentially, we help to make your ideas into market-ready products and go to production sooner.

CSI is a  dependable manufacturer. We provide quick-turn parts from a CAD design to a prototype. We have developed cutting-edge fast prototyping technologies to tackle your design problems. Our team will collaborate with you to validate and improve your product concepts, functional testing, and engineering verification.

The Value of Prototyping

Some customers make the mistake of bypassing the prototype stage and going straight to production. However, we don’t recommend it:¬†Unless you test a prototype, you don’t know if the fit and function are correct or if your product will work as intended.

Most first available designs (99%) require revision, updating, or modification after creating a prototype. Drawings alone cannot establish whether a product is ready for production. Even the most talented engineers’ designs will necessitate some changes.
Tolerances may be too tight or too lax. Opening tight tolerances might save you money by making production easier for the factory. Tolerances that are too loose might lead to product fit or function issues. Drawings alone will not allow you to determine the optimal tolerance range.

Ordering a product that has not been prototype-tested is risky. The likelihood of your substantial financial investment paying off is limited to none.

Production of Prototypes

Once we have your first-generation designs, we will obtain a quote from a suitable prototype manufacturer in our community of prototype manufacturers. Depending on the cost per product, you may want to explore creating additional prototypes to give to potential consumers. We work with prototype firms in China and the United States. We will obtain a quote from the prototype manufacturing company that best fits your product’s materials and design while considering price and delivery time.

Over the last few years, prototype production has advanced significantly. Formerly, you were confined to a few polymers and metals, and most prototypes were limited to CNC machining, which is expensive for just several parts. However, 3D printing has expanded the spectrum of prototyping materials, including new rubbers and plastics, and has made prototyping cheaper.

We specialize in prototyping in metals, plastics, and rubbers. Our prototyping services include CNC Machining and sheet metal prototypes.

CNC prototyping

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